Our Purpose

What is DataLoch’s purpose?

DataLoch believes that putting data at the centre of responses to health and care system challenges is critical to improving services through research, innovation and planning.  

Our approach will lead to better decision making, research, and support for colleagues on the front line. We will do this by:

  • bringing together health and social care data for the South-East Scotland region;
  • working with experts in health and social care to understand and improve this data; and
  • providing safe access to data for researchers.

Our Purpose

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Meet the Team

DataLoch has been able to stand up a data service quickly by working in partnership with a Clinical Team from across health specialties within NHS Lothian who bring a clinician’s perspective to the data. Their knowledge has helped ensure the quality of the datasets and helped us to produce meaningful metadata. Metadata is important as it explains the characteristics of data for researchers, for example describing the data’s source system.

The Clinical Team continue to support DataLoch as we further develop, giving a clinician’s perspective to prioritisation and project approvals. They are also part of our data cleansing process, validating clinical definitions and data standards.

Meet the Team

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Our Principles

Public value: We support data-driven research and innovation that has direct benefits for society and delivers improvements in patient care.

Security: We keep data safe.

Quality: We work to understand, document, and improve the quality of the data, supported by clinical insights from our partners.

Innovation: We provide data only to approved researchers who are working to find innovative ways of delivering and improving health and social care.

Transparent: We prioritise transparency about how we are protecting data, and using it in the right way – to improve health and social care for all.

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