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What is DataLoch?

Why use routinely collected data for research?

What are the issues in using routinely collected data for research?

What sorts of data will DataLoch host?

What is the legal basis for DataLoch's processing of these data?

Who will have access to the data that DataLoch hosts?

How will access to data in DataLoch be controlled?

How will DataLoch ensure that research will be transparent and focused on the public good?

Are the data accessed in DataLoch identifiable?

How will the DataLoch team ensure its service is secure from cyber-attack or unauthorised use?

Have patients consented to the usage of their personal health data?

When will DataLoch be available for applications?

What is the DataLoch team doing specifically in relation to COVID-19?

Will data be shared with third-sector or private-sector organisations?

What is the Five Safes Framework and how does it apply to DataLoch?

How has the DataLoch service been financed?

What is the Edinburgh and South East Scotland City Region Deal?