Project Lead: Dr Peter Gallacher

The COVID-19 pandemic is the biggest public health emergency of modern times. Initial reports suggested that short-term declines in kidney function (acute kidney injury [AKI]) were common in patients with COVID-19, and that pre-existing kidney problems (chronic kidney disease [CKD]) were associated with worse outcomes.

Here, we will use a large dataset containing a range of reliable and accurate data from all patients tested for COVID-19 in 3 large hospitals in Scotland (Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, Western General Hospital [Edinburgh] and St. John’s Hospital [Livingston]) between March and December, 2020. This presents a unique opportunity to build on the initial, limited data regarding the risk and impact of AKI in COVID19, the implications of pre-existing CKD in COVID-19, and the risk of developing CKD in patients whose COVID-19 episode was complicated by AKI.

This project aims to increase our understanding of the relationship between COVID-19 and kidney disease, and will help plan future kidney healthcare resource allocation.

You can view the publication based on this project on the European Respiratory Journal website: