Project Lead: Professor Alasdair MacLullich with Miss Temi Ibitoye

Delirium is a sudden-onset serious disturbance in mental abilities that affects 1 in 4 older hospitalised patients. It is highly distressing for patients and carers.

The cause of delirium is unknown but delirium is associated with poor health events such as a higher risk of dying, staying long in hospital or future mental health decline. This suggests that delirium may be a marker of brain health and dementia risk. However, there are no large-scale studies which have explored possible clinical indicators of delirium and their relationship with poor health events. Clinical indicators include blood tests or body measurements such as blood pressure and oxygen levels. 

This project will identify clinical markers that are important in people with delirium and how these are related to poor health events. Research in this area will contribute to our knowledge of delirium and may improve how it is identified and managed in hospitals.