To provide greater support for our growing body of work, the DataLoch team is looking to expand the membership of our Public Reference Group. 

An online event will take place at 12.30pm on Tuesday 28 March to introduce the DataLoch service. This will offer the chance for attendees to discover more about what their potential participation would involve. Reserve your place through the event-registration link

The overall mission of the DataLoch service is to enable improvements in health and social care; the inputs and insights of members of the public are vital in assisting the team achieve its ambition. We recognise the contributions of group members with a £100 voucher every three months.

The priorities of the Public Reference Group

Following its establishment in June 2020, members of the Public Reference Group have helped to shape the delivery of the DataLoch service. As local residents, they provide broader perspectives in the use of de-identified health and social care data for research. They advise on how best to communicate with local communities. They influence the objectives of the DataLoch team.

More recently, they have collaborated with the team to design the Public Value Assessment process, a crucial element in reviewing research applications seeking access to data.

Assessing the public value of applications

Public Value Assessments are now provided for any research application. Within these reviews, Public Reference Group members critically evaluate the application to verify there is sufficient public value for the proposal to be supported by the DataLoch service. This review process ensures that our resources are devoted to projects that have a clearer aim on improving health and social care for all.

Find summaries of projects we are already supporting through our Projects Delivered page.

Getting involved in the Public Reference Group

There is no formal application procedure. The best way to become part of the Public Reference Group is attend the introduction event and ask questions to find out more: reserve your place 

After the event, we will encourage people to let us know if they are interested in joining and we will invite several people to become part of the group. Priority will be given to those who are resident in South-East Scotland, but there are no formal qualifications or other requirements.

If you wish to find out more, get in contact with us.