COVID-19 Collaborative Contributors

The rapid collection and linkage of data was made possible due to the extensive efforts of an interdisciplinary team. The following individuals have made significant contributions to the DataLoch COVID-19 Collaborative Dataset:

DataLoch technical and data team

Ally Hume, Catriona Waugh, Catherine Stables, Chloe Brook, Chris Duncan, David Homan, Erin Cadger, Ioanna Lampaki, Jennifer Daub, Jilly McKay, Neil Murray, Ronnie Harkess, Shedrack Ezu, Sophie McCall, Stela McLachlan

Infectious Diseases clinical team

Claire L Mackintosh, Daniella A Ross, Meghan R Perry, Oliver Koch

NHS Lothian including Lothian Analytical Services

Alastair Thomson, Alistair Stewart, Daniella Ene, Hazel Neilson, Juergen Caris, Maria McMenemy, Nazir Lone, Nicola Rigglesford, Paul Schofield, Sophie David, Stephen Young, Tracey McKinley, Tracey Rapson

COVID-19 manual data extraction and review

Anda Bularga, Anna K Jamieson, Arjuna A Sivakumaran, Arun Parajuli, Daniella A Ross, Ed Whittaker, Emma K Watson, Ha Bao Trung Le, Hannah MM Preston, Jason Yang, John P Kelly, Jonathan Wubetu, Julia Guerrero Enriquez, Kathryn AW Knight, Louisa R Cary, Meghan R Perry, Oscar C N Maltby, Rosie Callender, Sarah H Goodwin, Thomas H Clouston, Thomas J McCormick, XinYi Ng, Zaina Sharif

DataLoch clinical and management team

Anoop Shah, Atul Anand, Colan Mehaffey, Kathy Harrison, Ken Lee, Laura Woods-Dunlop, Michael Gray, Nicholas Mills, Pamela Linksted, Peter Cairns, Rob Baxter, Stephen Lavenberg, Susan Buckingham