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Hallmarks of a great lay summary: advice from the DataLoch Public Reference Group 26/04/2022

Lay Summaries and Public Benefit Statements are valuable parts of DataLoch applications. They present an informative overview of the key purp...
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HDR UK Phenotypes: streamlining the identification of conditions in DataLoch 06/04/2022

DataLoch has incorporated a significant selection of HDR UK Phenotypes within our repository. Through these, our aim is to ease the burden on...
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Logo for the UK Health Data Research Alliance

DataLoch joins the UK Health Data Research Alliance 11/11/2021

On 20 October 2021, DataLoch became one of the newest members of the UK Health Data Research Alliance (“the Alliance”). Members of the UK He...
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COVID-19 Collaborative 02/09/2021

In light of the COVID-19 crisis, in March 2020 colleagues from NHS Lothian and the University of Edinburgh asked the DataLoch team to help in...
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